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N324 Request for Warrant of Delivery of Goods Form

After a Claimant has obtained judgement against the Defendant, he will still need to enforce this judgment, and sometimes compensation is not the appropriate remedy. For example, in a case concerning the breach of a contract for the sale of a unique or rare item, the Claimant will not be satisfied with receiving his money back, and the whole purpose of the court claim is likely to be to force the Defendant to deliver the goods as promised.

A Warrant of Delivery entitles a bailiff to visit the Defendant at home (or wherever the goods which are subject to the warrant are stored) and to seize the goods mentioned in the warrant for the Claimant. As long as the Claimant has already obtained a judgment ordering the delivery of the goods in question, he can request a warrant form the Court without a hearing simply by filling in this form.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.