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N349 Application for a Third Party Debt Order

In the majority of claims where the Claimant is granted judgment, the Defendant will try to delay or avoid paying and so it is usually necessary for the Claimant to take additional court action to enforce the judgment.

A Third Party Debt Order is a court order which prohibits someone who owes money to the Defendant from repaying it, and instead instructs him to pay the money directly to the Claimant to reduce the outstanding balance of the judgment debt. For example, if the Defendant is due a tax rebate, then a third Party Debt order can redirect this to the Claimant.

Orders of this type are particularly useful because where the Defendant has deposited money into a bank account, the bank “owes” this money to the Defendant as a debt. If the Claimant is able to obtain a Third Party Debt Order against the bank, he can force it to pay the judgement debt from the Defendant’s deposited funds.

The Claimant can use this form to make an application to the Court for a Third Party Debt Order to be granted.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.