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N441 Notification of Request for Certificate of Satisfaction or Cancellation

The Court keeps a record of all judgments which are granted in a publicly searchable register called the "Register of Judgments, Fines and Orders". The register records details of whether the judgement has been paid, or the Defendant has defaulted on the ordered payments, and this information is used by credit reference agencies when calculating credit scores.

Defendants will not, therefore, want their name to remain on the register for longer than is necessary. In most cases a Defendant can ask the court to mark a judgment as satisfied where he has paid in full, and in cases where he has paid within 30 days of judgement being granted, he can ask the court to remove the record from the register.

Where a Defendant makes a request for the register to be amended, he must give the Claimant notice, using this form. If the Claimant does not object, the request will be granted.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.