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N461 Claim Form Judicial Review Claims

All public bodies including government departments and local authorities are required to act fairly, reasonably, lawfully and proportionately when making decisions, and if someone who is affected by a decision believes that the public body has not acted in this way, he can ask for a Judicial Review. For example, you can use Judicial Review to challenge planning permission decisions or the refusal of the government to issue an entry visa.

In Judicial Review proceedings, the court will consider the decision making process adopted by the public body, and whether the decision was reasonable and proportionate. The Court may overturn the decision, substitute its own decision or order the public body to reconsider the matter.

The N461 Claim Form should be used to start a claim for Judicial Review. You will need to provide the court with the completed form in triplicate, together with a court fee. One copy of the issued claim form will be retained by the court, one copy is for your records, and the remaining copy must be served on the Defendant. Sometimes you can pay the court an additional fee to serve the claim form on your behalf.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.