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N5 Claim Form Possession Claims

Anyone can bring a possession claim where they have been deprived of a property to which they are entitled, and they need a court order to help them regain possession of that property.

The most common cases in which someone would bring a possession claim include cases where a tenant has breached his tenancy agreement, either by failing to pay his rent or by damaging the property or creating a nuisance to his neighbours, and the landlord wants to evict him and gain possession of the property. A possession claim can also be brought by the owner of land or a property where trespassers or squatters have occupied his property and he is seeking a court order to evict them.

The N5 Claim Form is designed specifically for use in possession claims, and a claim can be started by submitting three copies of the completed form to the court and paying a court fee. The Court will issue the claim by stamping the forms with its official seal, and the Claimant must then serve a copy of the issued claim form on the Defendant.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.