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N9 Acknowledgement of Service

Whenever a claim is served on a Defendant, he will need to react quickly. The Civil Procedure Rules set strict time scales for responding to claims, and if a Defendant fails to comply with these timescales he will forfeit his claim and the Claimant can ask the Court to award him Judgment in default.

The Defendant has 14 days, starting from service of the claim form (or particulars of claim if these were not included on the claim form) to file a defence which states why Judgment should not be granted to the Claimant. When the Defendant files an Acknowledgement of Service with the Court, the deadline for filing a defence is increased to 28 days.

This version of the Acknowledgement of Service is suitable for use in all claims which are brought under part 7 of the CPR using the standard N1 Claim Form.

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.