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N9C Admission Unspecified Amount and Non-money Claims

A Defendant does not have to defend legal proceedings which are issued against him, and there are many reasons why he might not do so, including the cost of defending the claim, a desire to salvage a working relationship with the Claimant, the strength of the Claimants evidence or a recognition that he is at fault.

A Defendant who chooses not to defend legal proceedings should not just ignore them, because this may result in the Claimant obtaining Judgment in default. In this case a CCJ would be recorded against the Defendant in the Register of Judgments, Fines and Orders and this could seriously damage his credit rating.

If the Defendant admits the claim and pays promptly, he can avoid a CCJ being registered against him. This form should be used for admitting the whole of a claim only in cases where the Claimant is claiming for a sum of money to be determined by the court, or in non money claims (for example, delivery of goods claims).

This form can be downloaded directly from the government website here.