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Personal Finances Letter for Requesting Information after an Application for Credit Is Denied

It’s always a distressing experience to be turned down for credit from a lender, especially when you are not sure why exactly your request has been denied. The laws surrounding such areas are complex and confusing, meaning many people never pursue an explanation from the financial institution as to why their application was rejected.

Law on the Web offers a simple solution, with our template letter. If you have applied for a credit card, a loan or any other form of credit, but have been declined, you can use this letter to request further information from the company concerned. Whilst you are not entitled to any specific information, many companies will be able to provide details of the basis on which they make decisions. This may help you to improve your credit rating and obtain credit in future.

You need no knowledge of the relevant laws; all you have to do is enter your details on the form where indicated and you’ll quickly have a handy letter that states your request in a clearly and legally approved fashion. It’s quick and easy, why not give it a try today?