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Personal Finances Letter Regarding Unauthorised Cashpoint Withdrawals

Cashpoints make it quick and easy to take money out of your bank account, but unfortunately it also makes it easy for unscrupulous individuals to steal from you if they are somehow able to get hold of your details. Cashpoint fraud is a huge problem, with criminals developing ever-more-sophisticated methods for stealing bank details. For this reason it’s vital that you check your bank statements on a regular basis to be certain no illicit activity is taking place.

If there are cash point withdrawals on your statement which you do not recognize and which you believe to be as a result of fraud, you should let the bank know as soon as possible. The quicker you notify the card provider, the more likely they will be able to stop further charges and the more inclined they will be to believe that you did not accrue the charges yourself.

If you have noticed unauthorised transactions on your statement, our absolutely free form letter can be used to notify the bank and to request that the money is refunded to you. With issues such as this you need to notify your bank immediately, and our letter template makes it easy to get in touch with them quickly and clearly stating your case. All you have do is download the document for free and then enter your details where prompted – it couldn’t be easier.