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Personal Finances Letter Regarding Unauthorised Credit Card Charges

Credit cards make it easy to get access to financial reserves, but their convenient nature can turn against you if an untrustworthy individual somehow secures your card details and is able to make purchases for themselves against your card. It’s for this reason that you are encouraged to regularly check your credit card statements and make sure that no payments have been made which you do not recognise.

If you’re noticing unusual charges on your statement, you should inform your credit card provider immediately. Getting in touch with them as soon as possible will minimise the risk to you and ensure that they believe you when you say you did not make the payments.

Here at Law on the Web we offer a quick and convenient way to get in contact with your credit card provider, using our form letter. It’s a helpful way to warn them that someone may be using your credit card fraudulently, saving you the worry of trying to explain yourself and stating your case clearly and concisely. Simply download the document and enter your details where relevant – it couldn’t be easier.