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Personal Finances Letter to Request a Copy of your Credit File

Our credit records are important, indicating our financial reliability and determining how likely we are to be able to take out loans and be involved in other such monetary transactions. It’s important that we be able to get access to our credit records so we can establish whether we are in good standing before approaching a financial institution to lend us a large sum or any similar undertaking.

Under the Data Protection Act, you are entitled to be provided with a copy of your credit file upon payment of a £2 statutory fee. We offer a form letter to request that a credit reference agency forwards you a copy of your file.

All you have to do is download the letter and enter your details where indicated on the template. It’s the quick and easy way to request a copy of your credit records, and requires a minimal investment of time and effort, nor do you need any legal knowledge to complete it. Download our letter template today.