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Advance Decision

This document, sometimes referred to as a "Living Will", which allows you to indicate the types of treatment which you do not consent to if you are in a life threatening situation but are unable to make your wishes known to the doctors treating you.

In preparing for the future, you should consider what you would wish to happen if you ended up in a state where you were being kept alive by medical treatment and no longer able to communicate your wishes. Making decisions on which treatments you would wish to receive and what you would consider unacceptable may seem morbid, but it frees your loved ones from having to make these decisions for you in the future. Law on the Web offers a legally sound method of setting your wishes down in writing.

An advance decision is legally binding and you should take legal advice before completing this document. Make sure that you clearly and unambiguously complete all sections and sign the document in the presence of two witnesses. You should make friends and relatives aware of the existence of the document and where it is stored.

Due to differing legislation, this document is only applicable in England and Wales. If you live in Scotland, download our advance directive instead.