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Deed of Revocation for Advance Decision

It is always a good idea to plan for the future, but over time your opinions and beliefs may change, and preparations that once suited you may no longer seem appropriate. This can particularly be the case if you have created an advance decision, or “Living Will”, establishing which medical treatments you would not wish to receive to sustain your life if you were unable to communicate your wishes at the time.

Your thoughts on medicine or matters of religion or philosophy may be reshaped by the passage of time, maybe with new treatments or life experiences altering your views, and in these cases you might wish to cancel an advance decision you put in place previously. Fortunately, if you have made and signed an advance decision, you can revoke this at any time by completing a deed of revocation, and notifying your friends and relatives of the existence of this and where it is stored.

This is a template deed of revocation which is quick and easy to fill out. If you have filed your advance decision with a solicitor, or with your GP, then you should make sure to serve a copy of this deed of revocation on them.

Advance decisions are only valid in England and Wales. If you live in Scotland, you may have filled out an advance directive instead, and will need a Deed of Revocation for Advance Directive.