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Cohabitation Agreement

This agreement allows you and an unmarried partner to be treated as a married couple in some senses, such as mortgage applications and child maintenance.

If you live with your partner but are not married or registered as civil partners, it’s important to realise that your relationship has no recognition under the law. This means that if you should end up separating from your partner, neither of you have any legal responsibilities to one another. Obviously, this can spell disaster if you have reached the point of living together, as one member of the ex-couple will have no legal claim to the house if it is in the other partner’s name.

In order to avoid this and other unpleasant issues, it’s advisable to draw up a cohabitation agreement. This is an effective way of protecting the future of both partners and ensures that both of you are treated fairly in the event of a separation.

If you’re looking to draw up a cohabitation agreement, our cohabitation pack is the ideal choice for you. It’s drafted by qualified legal professionals, and costs just a fraction of the price of hiring a solicitor. Easy to fill out and requiring no legal knowledge, it’s the perfect way to protect your future.

This cohabitation agreement sets out:

  • ownership of the home, and related rights and responsibilities
  • responsibility for household expenses
  • terms of ownership for separate and joint property, including gifts
  • how debts and credit will be handled
  • the requirement for both parties to make a Will
  • termination rights and subsequent arrangements

It also supersedes and overrides any previous agreements and understandings between the two parties.