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Probate Letter to Life Insurance Company

When a loved one passes away, not only are there the tough emotional repercussions to deal with, but also the legal side of things. Usually, a relative will be appointed to deal with the estate of the deceased, a process known as probate.

If you are making your way through the probate process, we offer a selection of helpful document templates and form letters to make your job a little easier. This particular letter is designed for requesting information on the status of the deceased person’s life insurance, how much money is to be paid out and to whom. Life insurance can be a great help to a family who have been devastated by their loss, and helps ensure that they can cope with their new situation financially, so it’s important that you get your claim in as soon as possible.

The letter is easy to download and simple to fill out, so hopefully it will help you out in your time of sorrow.