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Probate Letter to Share Registrar

The procedure known as probate – that of administering the estate of one who has passed away – is a heavy burden to shoulder, combining an abiding sense of loss with the necessity to cope with complex legal procedures. Here at Law on the Web we strive to assuage the difficulty of probate by providing a wide range of document templates and form letters for use during estate administration.

One of the biggest parts of probate is setting the financial affairs of the deceased in order. You can use this form letter to inform the registrar of shares in a particular company that the deceased has passed away. You can also request details on any dividends, purchase options and rights issues which were available to the deceased and which the estate may wish to take advantage of.

All you have to do is download the document and fill out your details on the template. Let Law on the Web lighten your load – our form letters do it all.