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Probate Letter to Utility Company

When someone close to you passes away, not only do you have to cope with the loss of someone dear, but you may also end up having to deal with complex legal issues if you have been selected as the administrator or executor of their estate.

Gathering a thorough overview of the financial affairs of the deceased can be difficult, but Law on the Web offers a plethora of form letters that can be used when dealing with financial institutions during the probate process. You can use this specific letter to inform a utility company or service provider that the deceased has passed away and to request a statement of account so that you can arrange for this to be settled out of estate funds. You can also request that the service is cancelled so that no more bills arise.

All you have to do is download the form letter, fill out the details and send it off. Our legal expertise has helped a great many people, and now it can help you too.