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Holiday Letting Agreement

This agreement to set out the terms of the lease when you are letting a holiday home for short periods of time.

By setting these terms and conditions you can ensure that nothing undesirable will come to pass during the client’s occupation of your property.

This document can be used to establish:

  • the price of the rent and deposit to be paid
  • terms for cancellations and refunds
  • the terms under which the premises will be occupied
  • guest obligations and restrictions, as well as their responsibility for any loss or damage

Alongside this document you will need to prepare an inventory, setting out the contents of the property and the conditions of the furnishings, and you should ask your tenants to sign this.

You can download this document right now from Law on the Web’s library of legal documents. Written by legal experts, the form only needs you to fill in a few details. Once this has been done, the document will be ready to use.