Lodger Agreement

If you are planning to rent a room in your home to someone, you want to be absolutely certain that they know what is expected of them, where they are allowed to go and what they may or may not do. You need to ensure that they sign a written agreement so that both parties are fully legally aware of the duty owed to one another.

This agreement template is suitable for use where a lodger is taking up residence in a spare room for let by a landlord. It sets out the responsibilities and rights of each party and establishes a shared understanding of what is expected.

This document establishes:

  • the rent amount and arrangements for paying it
  • conditions for the deduction and return of a deposit (if applicable)
  • the obligations of the lodger and services provided by the landlord
  • responsibility for security, loss and damage
  • under what conditions the agreement can be terminated

You don’t need any legal knowledge to fill out this lodger agreement; it includes all relevant legal terms and conditions but is nonetheless quick and simple for you to fill out. Just enter the details of your agreement where prompted and you’ll have a completed lodger agreement in no time.

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