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Declaration of Trust in Relation to Land of Two Co-Owners (Joint Tenants)

This is a declaration of trust, which can be used by the co-owners of real property (land or buildings) to create a trust over that property in favour of themselves and one or more other beneficiaries, where the beneficiaries will be ‘joint tenants’. This means that they will hold the beneficial interest in equal shares, and if one joint tenant dies, his interest will be divided amongst the remaining joint tenants.

The document will help you in securing the long term future of your property by making a legally approved agreement.

You can download our declaration of trust for property co-owner for absolutely no charge. Filling in the blanks is a necessary but simple step you must take before the document is ready to use. All the legal jargon has been taken care of, so the only onus on you is to enter your details – absolutely no legal expertise is required.