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Animal Law

There are a large number of laws covering animals, relating to a range of topics from their treatment and welfare to the potential liability issues if a pet should injure someone. Find out more with this useful section.

Animals are everywhere, and the law which involves them is complex and often confusing. Depending on your situation, an animal may be a beloved pet or an untamed nuisance, and the law is required to make a ruling on what it is and isn’t acceptable for pets to be allowed to do by their owners. Wild animals are also protected by the law to ensure that people cannot commit acts of animal cruelty with wild abandon.

The welfare of pets

In order to ensure that pet animals are treated well, there is legislation in place to punish those who do not act in accordance with animal welfare. This legislation can extend to wild animals or other people’s pets, to ensure that no animal is badly treated.

However, dogs are also considered items which a person possesses under dog ownership laws, and there are also restrictions in place on so-called “dangerous dogs”. There is also rather strict interpretation in terms of pet liability laws, which establish who is to blame if a person is injured by another’s individual’s pet. Another issue of concern is when a dog bites another dog.

Problems caused by animals

Poorly trained or mistreated animals can cause a variety of different issues, and when the owners fail to take responsibility for their care, such creatures can create serious problems for other people. Fortunately, there are a variety of laws in place to deal with these situations.

Animal nuisance laws were established to prevent inattentive or malicious owners from allowing animals in their care to infringe on other people’s lives. Dog control orders are also on the books, for use where consistent offences are committed by an individual in allowing a dog in their care to cause problems for others.

There are also laws which establish legal requirements for what to do if you find a stray dog.