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Charity Regulations

Charity law covers regulations in England and Wales, ensuring that the legal framework and legislation is beneficial to charities, as well as assisting in the development of charity performance within our society.

Charity law monitors the following areas:

  • New legislations
  • Change – forming progression
  • Good practice
  • The aid for start ups

Whilst encompassing the following three key areas below:

Charities Act 2006

The Charities Act of 2006 was updated and developed as a legal system covering charities in England and Wales, to parallel new laws and industries.

Charity Commission

The Charity Commission is a non-ministerial government department, with duties including the regulation of charities in England and Wales. Separate from the Cabinet Office the commission is under no direction or control of minister. The charity commission covers:

  • Starting up a charity
  • Requirements and guidance
  • Regulatory activity
  • Annual returns and accounts
  • Updating details and name changes
  • Closing or merging a charity

Fundraising And Public Charitable Collections

Public street collections are regulated under the Police, Factories Etc Act 1916, ensuring fewer false identity clams and improved approaches towards public fundraising.

House-to-house collections are regulated by the House to House Collections Act 1939 and the House to House Collections Regulations 1947. House-to-house regulations are set out to ensure maximum security for both the collectors and those approached in the home.

Important issues covered in Public Street collections Acts and regulations are:

  • Uniforms – creating an official identity
  • Friendly and non-intimidatory approach
  • Regulations involving the re-pursuit of a potential funder
  • Grievances and disputes.

Important issues covered in House-to-house Acts and regulations collections are:

  • Uniforms – creating an official identity
  • Friendly and non-intimidatory approach
  • Safety in a non-public space
  • Effective communications
  • Grievances and disputes.

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