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Immigration is a means by which a non-British citizen can enter and reside within the UK, gaining full British citizen rights. Means of immigration can vary, as can the ease with which one can become a citizen.

Immigration law can be a tangled web to navigate, which is why we offer a wide variety of advice on this complicated topic.

It is important to note that for EU citizens in the UK, the immigration rules are somewhat more relaxed, making EU immigration applications a different matter than those for non-EU residents.

Regardless of the purpose of your stay, you should read through the details of travelling to the UK.

Short stays in the UK

There is a vast number of reasons for one to make their way to the UK, planning to stay for a set period of time. For example, you may have designs on studying in the UK or simply visiting. There are a variety of regulations in place by which you will have to abide, and there will be limitations on how long you are permitted to remain in the country.

If you wish to work in the UK, there will be additional considerations relating to your skills, your employer and your field of work. It is extremely important to reach an understanding of the eligibility requirements and the category you fall into before attempting to apply to work within the UK.

Settling in the UK

Applying to settle in the UK permanently will involve securing indefinite leave to remain, and the criteria for this are stricter than those for people simply planning to visit temporarily. These regulations are less strict for partners and families of UK residents, so if this is your reason for wishing to settle permanently, you should look into this.