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Why Withdraw Your Patent Application?

One of the main reasons why people withdraw their patent application is because they are not ready or do not wish for details about the idea to be published. 

Publishing is an important factor in patent granting as it can prevent people from patenting similar inventions. You also have to publish your application in order to get a patent.

Other reasons for withdrawing a patent application include if you wish to file for a patent abroad. You will not be able to do this if you have already made your invention public, so it may be advisable to wait until you have applied for the patents you want in other countries before going ahead in the UK.

You may decide that you would prefer to make you invention a trade secret in which case you would not need to apply for a patent.

Alternatively you may have simply lost interest in your invention, at which point there is no need to continue with the application.

How to withdraw a patent application

If you wish to withdraw your patent application you can do so by either emailing the IPO at or by faxing them on +44 (0) 1633 817777. They have a dedicated team to ensure that your withdrawal is completed swiftly.

To ensure that your application does not get published you need to insure that you notify the IPO by 23.59 on the day before publication has been set. If the IPO do not get your request by this time then it will be too late to stop the publication. You should be notified of an approximate date of publication in your search report and will receive the exact date 2-3 days before they are published.