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Personal and Family Law

We are all likely to have dealings with the law during the course of our lives. This section aims to offer advice on all the main legal issues that you are most likely to face.

Employment Law

If you work then you will be well served to know that there is a large body of legislation governing your employment. The laws cover the basic rights that employees should enjoy, and offers them protection against being dismissed for reasons that aren’t fair. To find out more, please visit our Employment section.

Cars and Motoring

If you drive a car or other vehicle then you will likely be affected by road traffic law. This ensures that drivers who endanger others by driving unsafely are suitably punished. For information on driving offences, the associated penalties and much much more, see our Cars and Motoring section.

Home and Property

Our Home and Property advice covers a range of issues relating to your home, which may interest you if you’ve had substandard building work carried out or are in a dispute with a neighbour over noise levels or the boundary between your properties. We also cover the regulations with respect to renting out property and the rights of tenants.

Family Law

As there are laws covering our household, there are also legal issues relating to our relationships with those who live in them, and other members of your family. Our Family section has all you need to know about getting married or entering into a civil partnership, or indeed ending either of those types of union. Our information also provides guidance on issues relating to children, changing your name and domestic violence.

Wills and Probate

Also important in considering your family’s future are Wills. Our Wills and Probate section explains how to make a Will so that your possessions go to who you want them to. Probate is the process by which the wishes contained within a Will are carried out after a person’s death, and is also covered in depth.

Goods and Services

Something we all would struggle to get through life without doing is buying goods and services. Unfortunately the people selling their wares sometimes let us down. Our section on goods and services outlines the rights you have in these situations and how you can go about enforcing them.

Travel Law

We all need to get away from it all every once in a while, so we have a useful Travel section which covers your consumer rights when your getaway is blighted by problems such as substandard accommodation or delayed or cancelled flights.

Other legal topics that may interest you