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Family Law and Legal Advice

Family law is a wide-ranging area of law that encompasses a number of commonly occurring issues relating to our relationships with others.

Family law covers legal issues related to, amongst others, marriage and divorce, domestic abuse, and child maintenance.

There is a legal framework in place for all the main acts which fall under family law, such as ending a relationship, whether marriage, civil partnership or other; changing your name, or arranging child maintenance.

Family law issues can often be emotionally-charged, but having the knowledge to deal with them in the most efficient way possible can prevent adding extra unnecessary strain.

With marital property or custody of children at stake, family law matters can often lead to disputes which end up having to be resolved in the courts. However there are family law mediation services which exist in order to prevent this from happening and stop a complicated disagreement from taking over your life.

How we can help

Our legal information can guide you through the most common family law issues in plain language. We offer advice on the respective legal rights of the different classes of relationship; namely those who are merely living together (cohabiting), married couples and those in civil partnerships.

If you would like to find out about the process of entering into a marriage, or indeed ending one, you can find this information on our site.

We have also produced useful information on how to arrange child maintenance for couples who are separated with children, and what to do in the case of domestic violence.

Under this section we also cover the legalities of changing your name and registering a birth.

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