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Home and Property Legal Advice

The home is the one place that we would prefer legal troubles not to intrude, but unfortunately all kinds of issues can arise when it comes to keeping a roof over our heads.

Whether you’re having issues with poor-quality building work, renting from an unhelpful landlord or wondering what to do about a noisy neighbour, we have everything you need to know about how to resolve legal problems relating to home and property.

Complaining about low-quality building work

As a home buyer, you have a right to expect that your property will be properly constructed, and the same goes for any home improvements that you pay for.

We can offer guidance on making a complaint about:

  • Home improvements – what to do if additional work on your property has been carried out to a poor standard.
  • Low-quality building work – the law on substandard construction work, and what you can do if you’ve been ripped off by a rogue trader or cowboy builder.

Landlords and tenants

Renting a home can be rife with legal problems, whether you are the landlord or the tenant. The rights and responsibilities of both parties are clearly stated by the law, but sometimes people are unaware of these or simply choose to ignore them.

We offer guidance aimed at assisting:

  • Tenants – we can help you learn about your tenancy rights and what you can do if you feel these are being breached.
  • Landlords – we can give advice on renting your home, as well as your rights and responsibilities, and dealing with troublesome tenants.

Neighbour disputes

It’s not just problems within your home that can ruin your enjoyment of it, but the behaviour of people who live nearby. It can be an extremely distressing experience dealing with problematic neighbours, but there are some situations in which the law can intervene.

We have a range of information on:

  • General neighbour disputes – your rights in dealing with neighbours who are causing a nuisance, and how the law can help you handle any disagreements.
  • Noise complaints – your guide to the law regarding noisy neighbours, and the steps you can take to deal with the problem.
  • Boundary disputes – advice on the law surrounding the common issues of overgrown trees and disagreements about where fences are placed.

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