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Consumer Rights for Holidaymakers and Travellers

Delayed flights, lost luggage and other setbacks should not be accepted as part of travelling.

It is only right that you should be recompensed for the frustration and loss of enjoyment caused to you, and therefore you may be able to claim compensation through legislation which forms part of what is known as travel law. This section includes advice covering the following areas:

Flight delays and cancellations

If your plane was severely late in departing or cancelled outright, EU regulations entitle you to free phone calls, food and even compensation if you’re flying with an EU-based airline or from an airport within the EU. The maximum compensation you could receive for a delayed or cancelled flight is €600 (around £493), and you’ll be glad to hear that this process isn’t too complicated nor is success uncommon.

Lost luggage and other holiday problems

Likewise, if you couldn’t find your luggage on the carousel and the airline did not manage to trace it, you could secure compensation from the airline itself or through your travel insurance policy.

Besides these issues, there are a number of other ways in which holidays can go wrong for which compensation may be claimed. This is generally when the operator for a package holiday has let you down in a way which has caused your enjoyment of your holiday to be seriously dampened, for example if you became ill after eating food that was not fit for consumption or after swimming in a pool that had not been properly maintained.

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